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Your Global Club has great deals on a variety of items from solar to electronic and household products -all the items a family  needs. Solar air-conditioning is now available. The merchandise sold on this website is of the best quality.We are very serious about pleasing our customers.

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 $197 Breville Expresso Coffee Machine Free Shipping
$273Cuisnart Juicer Extractor Free Shipping

A happy customer is the only customer we want.

The global market is aware of the need for energy-efficient and environmentally safe merchandise.

Your Global Club is anxious to promote solar energy.  The time has arrived to put our energy into solar power.

The most efficient solar panel as of June 2013 was made by the Japanese technology firm Sharp and can convert 44.4% of incoming photons into electrical energy . Hopefully these numbers will continue to rise so we can look forward to an every-growing transition to renewable source of energy.

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 $164 Two Spot Lights Motion Sensor

Garden Light
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$125 Motion Detector Security Light
Solar Power Frog Fountain  
$87 Free Shipping
Multimedia DVD Player
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Video Wireless 2-4 inch wide Door Phone
$136 Free Shipping

Facts and News About Solar Energy

The Facts about  the Sun may help to explain why it can create energy that can power our homes.

If we covered just one percent of the Sahara desert with solar panels, we could generate enough electricity to power the whole world. That's the good thing about solar power there's an awful lot of it—much more than we could ever use.

Butterflies heat up the field of solar research

by Staff Writers
The humble butterfly could hold the key to unlocking new techniques to make solar energy cheaper and more efficient, pioneering new research has shown. A team of experts from the
University of Exeter has examined new techniques for generating photovoltaic (PV) energy - or ways in which to convert light into power.

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                          The Future is Bright
 Sun will supply energy for another 5 Billion years
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Solar Powered Light
$56 Free Shipping
Solar Thermal Bag
$139 Free Shipping
10 Watt 18 volt Solar Panel
$65 Free Shipping