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The Global Club has great deals on a variety of items from solar to electronic and household products  - all the items a family  needs.  Solar air-conditioning is now available.
 The merchandise sold on this website is of the best quality.  We are very serious about pleasing our customers. A happy customer is the only customer we want. 

        Specials cover a variety of items from our newest product solar AC to many other solar products including, 100 watt solar panels for sale, 50 watt solar panels, 12 watt solar panels, 10 w solar panels, nomad solar panels, kyocera solar panels, portable solar panels - affordable and energy efficient solar products.  The purpose of the specials are to pass on to you the best quality at the most affordable prices.  We want to attract a global market with solar technology and convenient household products.  You can benefit from all we have to offer.

        The global market is aware of the need for energy-efficient and environmentally safe merchandise. Your Global Club is anxious to promote solar energy - the time has arrived to put our energy into solar power.

The technology has arrived and we want to fill the gap with a variety of products that are new to most consumers. 

I listed several solar  panels that can be used to develop a source of energy to free yourself of the high cost of electrical power.  A solar panel can be an energy source  for an appliance or with enough panels you can have a solar-powered house.

The 10-Watt Solar Panel Portable Solar Charger with Dual USB Ports for iPhone, iPad and all other USB compatible devices is an amazing time and money saver.  

The solar products I have listed will be only the beginning. As technology is made available, I intend to add more products.  Save money, save energy, buy SOLAR!
Your Global Club is a consumer's club that gives the best service as well as the best prices.




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Your Global Club has  Hybrid Solar Air Conditioners: One of the most important features of our Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner is ENERGY SAVING! It can save at least 30% electricity.

Performance Characteristics:

1. High efficiently, energy-saving, comfortable and money saving, exceeding national first grade energy standard.

2. Durable and long-lived, smooth running. Lower operating load of the compressor and therefore extended duration.

3. Healthy and comfortable, constant temperature and keeps air conditioner disease away.

4. It is not a frequency conversion air conditioner but superior to it because conversion type begins to save energy when the indoor temperature reaches the set value, while the hybrid solar air-conditioner runs in the optimal state immediately after starting and it achieves the same effects that traditional air conditioners with less power consumption.

5. Super luxurious appearance decorates your home. Indoor panel adopts aluminum alloy and wire drawing metal color board to make your house more sparkling.

6. Automatic open and close dustproof air outlet.

7. Easy installation, same as the traditional air conditioner.

8. With strong adaptability, hybrid solar air conditioner can run at super low and high temperature from -7 to 53.

9. Exceeding the national standards and applicable to all kinds of environment.

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Solar Lantern - Light up your garden. $35.00

Cell phone Solar Charger - $17.50

Radio Controlled Car -$56 Solar Insect Light -$24

Replacement Water Filter -$36 
(Check For major brands)

Sigio 4.3 Touch Screen Media  Player, 4GB 702P, Blk and Wht with Auto Jack Cable 3.5 MM - $48

Lithium Button Battery  CR2016 (3V) -1 Package of 5 batteries = $1.00 

Household Electronics      Happy CustomerAND TOYS

Home Security System - $109 Sim Card - $51 Security Control Bar - $37 Travel Bag - $26.00 Baby Monitor - $29.00 Helicopter/
Radio ocontrolled - $28.00

  Mini solar-powered  car - $4.95

Solar Toy $21.00 Beetle Car Radio Controlled - $24.00




  solar  panel diagram